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Small Lunch Box Containers For Kids

We make a small, eco-friendly lunch box for kids. It is insulation so it is cold during the summer, but the box is warm in the winter. We use a variety of vegetables and fruits in our lunch box, so our kids can get food for their heads up! We also include a bottle of water, a map of the country, and a book. This box is a great way to be eco-friendly and help support our kids! helps you save money on lunch boxs through price comparison, coupons, reviews.

From our blog:

Top 10 Small Lunch Box Containers For Kids Reviews

This is a small container for kids lunch boxes that we make in a leakproof stainless steel. It is a great for taking to games, or for storing food for a quick and easy lunch.
this is a small, insulated, tropical lunch box for kids that comes with a tote bag. It's a great for kids who love fairy tail, and want a little bit of that climate control and comfort. The lunch box is also great for those who like to take the dog for a walk, as it can hold both a dog and a cat.
our small container lunch box is great for kids who want to have a quick and easy lunch on the go. The neoprene insulation makes it sweat-proof and water resistant, and the top capacity can handle large salads or pizzas.